Top 5 Things Seniors Forget About

While your last semester is coming to a close, life can get pretty hectic. Here are a few things you need to stop and remember to do before you walk across that stage and receive that expensive piece of paper you’ve worked so hard for.

1. Thank your professors

Don’t forget to thank your professors. We all have our favorites, but you should thank those who may not be your favorite who still passed you!

2. Keep applying for jobs

Even though you haven’t heard back from the 13950937 jobs you’ve already applied for, keep applying! Your job is out there waiting for you!

3. Don’t let senior-itis get the best of you

Pull through all your classes. Senior-itis is a terrible disease, but keep going strong! In a matter of days, you will be done with EVERYTHING.

4. Take those cheesy graduation photos

Your mom will appreciate it.

5. Enjoy it. Have fun and go out!

Most of all, enjoy your last few days of senior year. Stay up late, go out, and forget about the real world for now, because before you know it, senior year will be gone with the blink of an eye. Make memories and have fun with your friends. Friendship, laughter, and making memories is more important than any assignment or project.



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