Last Semester on The Hill

A compilation of things every graduating Hilltopper is currently experiencing. May the white squirrels be with you during this difficult time.  

1. Finishing every day at Hilligans

…because you only have so many days left

giphy 7.21.28 PM

2. Overkilling on the late night GADS runs

…because we donut care.


3. Frantically searching for any and every job interview

…because the end is near.


4. Procrastinating every assignment, test, and project

…because every teacher made them due on the same day.


5. Driving up the hill instead of walking

…because after 4+ years, you’re just tired.


6.Mooching off of underclassmen’s meal plans

…because getting this old is expensive.


7. Every Big Red sighting is a selfie opportunity

…because Go Tops!


8. Being nostalgic for your freshman dorm

…because who doesn’t miss sharing a shoe box as a room?


9. Finally getting to shake Gare Bear’s hand at graduation

…because our dreams finally came true!



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