10 Moments From “The Office” We Hope Happen In Our Future Jobs

Everyone loves the hit NBC comedy “The Office.” The antics of Michael, Jim, Pam and Dwight made us hope our future workplaces are a little something like this.

1. Office birthday parties!

 giphy (source)

2. Celebrating with your boss after a good day.

 giphy (1) (source)

3. Taking the office Christmas photo.

 giphy (2) (source)

4. Trying the last extreme sports craze.

 giphy (3) (source)

5. Beach retreats for “work.”

 giphy (4) (source)

6. Using the building elevator as your personal dance floor. 

giphy (5) (source)

7. Taking work very seriously. 

giphy (6)


8. Going to business conventions. 

 giphy (7) (source)

9. Special trips just for dessert.

 giphy (8) (source)

10. Discussing pop culture with everyone in the office.

giphy (9) (source)




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