10 (More) Reasons to Hire a WKU Graduate

WKU does a great job of letting the world know that we do a lot of things absolutely right. We have world-class students, faculty, staff and programs that offer students tremendous opportunity for professional and personal growth. However, in addition to all of that, our Social Media Marketing class offers 10 more reasons to hire a WKU graduate (even though you’ve probably already got enough).

1. We are warriors. Have you ever experienced parking during the first week of the Fall Semester on WKU’s campus? It goes something like this:


If we can navigate this kind of madness to show up to class, imagine how these powers can be put to use for our employers.

2. We are in top physical condition. That hill we sit atop is not a joke, and we climb it day after day after day. This is pretty much what the view from the top looks like after a hike to class:


3. We respect authority figures. For example, whenever Skipper, Bob talks, we challenge you to find one student who does not drop everything to pay attention to what he has to say.


4. We can survive in almost any climate. We know this, because we experience most of them in a single day during a trip across campus in Spring or Fall. And there’s the added adventure of building temperature to contend with as well.


All in the same day. Depending on which building you end up in, maybe all within 15 minutes.

5. We are not easily distracted. Constant construction is a sign of our progress on campus, and we roll with it. True Story: A whole hillside was literally being blown-up with dynamite outside our classroom windows, and we never even flinched.


Don’t even imagine we can be distracted by anything so mundane as a chatty-coworker, Facebook, or an earthquake.

6. We are fiercely loyal. In Good Times and in Bad. We have experienced the agony of defeat in our darker days. Did we love our Hilltoppers as much then as now? Well Almost. And even when we grumble, we do not allow that sort of disrespect from outsiders:


Especially if they happen to be from another school in Kentucky.


7.  We are brilliantly resourceful. Can you make 5 meal plan dollars last two months? We didn’t think so. Imagine what we can do with an operating budget.

starveMere Mortals vs. WKU Gradsfive second rule

8. We are joyful. We find happiness in the little things. Like unexpected snow days…or weeks. And nothing makes us happier than a Big Red encounter!


9.  We are not quitters. It is not in our DNA. We never, ever, throw in the towel. We seize that proverbial (and literal) towel and we wave it proudly above our heads and we rally.


10. We are highly attuned to our surroundings. We can spy a white squirrel from 500 yards away. From any location on campus we can pick out the faint strands of a Broadway tune being played on our clock tower.


And if all that is not enough, as our friend @LauraontheHill pointed out, remember, we are the only campus with a Cherry on top!


(Photo Credit: Jonathan Brennan)



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