Signs You Might Be A Marketing Major or Minor

  1. You analyze any and every product, especially the packaging. Also billboards. And commercials. Sometimes magazine ads. It is a sickness. You will be judged. Embrace it.


  1. You get angry when someone skips through a funny commercial you haven’t seen yet. Other people will not understand this.

angrydwight freakingout

3. Christmas comes twice each year. Once in December, and again at the Superbowl. Your friends will be annoyed by your running commentary of the effectiveness of the ads during the game. All class time for the next week goes into analyzing and replaying your favorite ads for the class. This will make you happy.


  1. Group projects. You will have them. You will feel this way about them:


But they will teach you things.


  1. It took one Accounting class to reaffirm your chosen career path (we still love our Accounting friends, however misguided they are. Better them than us).


  1. The Four P’s will forever be ingrained in your mind. If you forget them, you get kicked out of Marketing. Not just the major, the whole field.


7. Sales will always find you. You can choose whether to resist the force or not.


8. Marketing students have the best sense of humor, just ask any of us. We don’t need you to validate us.


9. Creativity. We have it, they don’t. And if you do, come join the dark side.


  1. You become weirdly protective of your major and your feelings get hurt when anyone denies the importance and validity of marketing as a field of study.
  2. You will do anything for the sake of “content creation” and “story-telling.”


12. You make some of the best friends of your life while studying Marketing, because let’s face it, those of us with the good sense to study this dynamic, creative, and fascinating stuff are #awesome.

harry potter

If the subliminal advertising in this post worked on you, you can follow us here for additional evidence of why you should be majoring in Marketing:



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