Hey, Before You Go…

Before you graduate, we urge, no, beg, you to capture some last memories with your friends at some iconic spots on campus. To demonstrate (and because we were all getting a little twitchy with Senioritis and The-End-Is-Near-Syndrome), the Advanced Social Media Class donned their caps and gowns and struck out across campus to provide you with some Graduation Inspiration.

Step 1: Help your friends figure out which way the cap goes (it says “front” on the inside if you are as confused as some members of our group by this). Some of your friends may become distracted by the tassel, much like a cat. Help these friends by putting their tassel behind their ear so they cannot see it/bat at it.

sp2015advsmm1 sp2015advsmm2

Step 2: You have to start in your Major college/building. Do not skip this step.  You’ve spent hours and hours of your college life here…probably most of those in the last few weeks…This is home, even if it isn’t always pretty.sp2015advsmm4

Step 3: Iconic Photo Opportunity 1, Colonnade and Amphitheater

Our first stop was the WKU Colonnade and Amphitheater by the Fine Arts Building. The architecture is stately, it’s all very “academic” feeling, and the columns are cool as a background.


Look back at your favorite pictures you’ve taken while you’ve been at WKU. Try to recreate it in your graduation gear. This, for instance:

Or this:


Step 4: If you get tired, feel free to make your friend give you a piggy-back ride up the hill. This is especially fun for your friend if it happens to be excruciatingly hot, pretty humid, and if he happens to have on a black robe in the sun.


Step 5: Find some shade and some pretty rocks up high on the Hill. There are 100 beautiful views and spots in this area. Pose in all of them. Then, pretend like you are falling into rocky canyon behind you and give your photographer (read: professor) a heart attack. Don’t really do the last part. It is not nice.


Step 6: Iconic Photo Opportunity 2, The kissing bridge. It is really up to you and your friends if you actually kiss anyone there or not, but it makes a great shot either way. Feel free to make the friend you like the least be the troll under the bridge.


Step 7: Iconic Photo Opportunity 3, The Giant Stone WKU Slab (Does this place have an actual name?). If you can hit it on a day like we did, with that beautiful blue sky behind it, it’s really a very pretty spot.

sp2015advsmm21 sp15advsmm29emily

Step 8: Iconic Photo Opportunity 4, Van Meter Fountain and Lookout. It is your call whether you actually get into the fountain, however, we highly recommend it if it is 90 degrees and you’ve just climbed the side of a mountain in a black robe (possibly carrying your friend on your back).

sp15advsmm42 sp15advsmm48sp2015advsmm50 sp15advsmm49

Step 9: You should feel free to continue around campus to all the other beautiful and meaningful spots you loved during your time on the Hill. There are so many other options; this list goes on and on, unfortunately our class time did not. Plus, it was REALLY hot, if we neglected to mention that. We’d love to know your favorite photo spots on campus and even see cap and gown pictures of our majors/minors/friends on our Facebook page or Twitter page @WKUMarketing!

Disclaimer: Our “photographer” for this little adventure was actually a fauxtographer who knows a moderate amount about professing Marketing but promises nothing in the way of photography skills…these are to serve as inspiration to those of you who know how to operate a camera!


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