Advice from Graduating Seniors

College will be some of the most exciting years of your life. It’s that first step into becoming adult, figuring out who you are, and allowing yourself to be a sponge of intellect. Being a full-time university student can be challenging to the point of pulling your hair out. Don’t. Don’t do that. We’ve talked to several graduating seniors and here are their tips for making it out of college fully intact.

1. will be your savior. If the professor you are choosing between aren’t ranked on there, talk to friends, upperclassmen, or random people in the hall. Having a professor who teaches the same style as you learn is a great way to ensure you will be getting the most out of a class.

2. Schedule classes like a boss. Not a morning person? Probably not your best bet to schedule all 8 ams then, but that’s not to say that you won’t have any 8 ams in your collegiate career.

3. It is very possible to go 3 1/2 years without a Friday class.. this is highly advised.

4. Use your free* gym membership. That stuff ain’t cheap after you leave.

(*Okay, we know it is not free since it is included in our tuition.. but still, you’re paying for it. Use it.)

5. There will come a time when you will be assigned in a group project (Or maybe 15 throughout your college career). Show up to the meetings, be proactive in getting your stuff done, don’t make excuses. Group projects should be the best thing you’re ever given – 20% of the work? Yeah!

6. This should be pretty self explanatory, but GO TO CLASS. It’s about 80% of the battle. You don’t have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning. And when you do go, you won’t have that “oh crap, what did I miss” feeling after. If you do miss, don’t ask your professor, “Did I miss anything important?” Turns out they don’t like that. Try, “What did I miss last time?” instead.

7. It’s totally OK to not go out every night. Can I get a shoutout, Netflix?

8. Go to a WKU game. We, as students, as lucky that we get free admission to WKU sports events! Protip: Leave the tailgate and go to the game.

9. Seriously, and this is super serious, DON’T POST PARTY PICS. This is a great way to not land a job out of college. (But do posts a ton of pics with your friends!)

10. If you have a meal plan, use that bad boy. Share the wealth with some upperclassmen.

11. Make friends with your professors and thank them at the end of the semester. This time with them is valuable – they are here to teach you, guide you, and they are actually pretty cool.

12. Lastly, enjoy the beautiful scenery and friends on campus, because one day, you’ll be sitting here writing a blog about how you should take advantage of the opportunities on campus, wishing you had all of the time back…

What is some of the best advice you can think of? Make sure to tell us on our Twitter page, @WKUmarketing, or on Facebook!


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