Don’t Leave The Hill Until…

There are many reasons why being a Hilltopper is the best, but one of the best things is getting to be on this beautiful campus. Sure, an 8am trek up that hill isn’t glamorous- but you’ll miss it- so enjoy it. As graduating seniors, we decided to soak up some of this delicious spring weather and paraded around like the big dogs on campus that we are. We were seen frolicking the campus, taking it in stride, pushing the stress of graduation and our semester into the back of our minds. We know graduation is upon us and so is the stress of job hunting, finding a place to move after college, figuring out our next step, all combined with our current homework load, heavy class schedule, part-time jobs, and trying to soak up every last bit of social time we have left. So, we advise all graduating seniors to follow our steps and to just take a break from the stress of graduating and nail biting and, in the wise words of Tom Haverford, treat yo’ self. Here’s a list of things we came up with that you can do:

1. Walk around campus with some friends and take pictures of yourself at iconic campus spots. We recommend sitting in Abe’s lap, surrounding bronzed Big Red with some love, or recreating some photos from freshman year. You’ll appreciate them later.


2. Instead of being holed up in the library, break out a hammock on campus, and catch up on some homework while enjoying the spring weather. Sometimes we don’t have time to spare to give up an hour of our day – but you can treat yo self by enjoying the fresh air and being productive.

3. Eat at Fresh Foods Company with your fellow seniors. We all have to eat, right? Bring back some solid memories of living on campus by hitting up your 2011 food spot. (There’s even a balcony now.. what?!)

4. Hit some local spots that offer a student discount. It won’t be long until we won’t be able to use these ID’s anymore (Insert crying emoji)

5. Go visit the Kentucky Museum. Why not? It’s free. Pretty sure Tony Hawk’s skateboard is in there.

6. And our favorite, take a break from the classroom — convince your professor to teach outside on a sunny day. (Shoutout Dr. Melancon, you the real MVP)


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