Student Spotlight: Ben Conniff

  • Full name: Benjamin Conniff11076167_962926410384056_2221918841518142227_n
  • Senior/Class of 2015, Marketing with a social media concentration
  • Fun fact: I do a wicked Spongebob laugh.

Why did you choose your concentration?

  • I chose my concentration because of an early Facebook addiction that I wanted to put to good, practical use. It’s also exciting to be on the forefront of a medium that’s constantly evolving.

What about your concentration do you like best?

  • In the classes I’ve taken so far, I’ve met a lot of funny, passionate, hard-working classmates who I’m blessed to call good friends of mine now. I’ve had insightful, engaging professors, and I’ve been able to parlay some of what I’ve learned in their classes into an internship with Land Shark Shredding, a locally-based company.

What has been your favorite class and why?

  • I loved Joanna Melancon’s Social Media Marketing class. It was the first time I really felt like I was truly getting into my concentration. I had the best group of students in the entire class for our group project, and Melancon was a riot which made her relatable and accessible to her students. All these factors made learning a blast. Every time I set foot in Grise Hall this semester, I regret that I’m not currently taking her Advanced SMM class.

Experience gained through projects/internships?

  • I’ve collaborated on projects benefiting the HillTopp Music Festival, Fresh Food Company, and Lewisburg Banking Company to name a few. I’ve learned the basic “in’s and out’s” of internet marketing, the importance of SEO, the importance of a well-designed web page, and how to use social media analytics in order to build more effective posts. I’ve used the knowledge and the tools I’ve learned in class most effectively with an internship running social media for Land Shark Shredding. I’ve recently celebrated my 1-year anniversary with the company, and in that time, I have quintupled LSS’s social media following across Facebook and Twitter. We have a consumer base that’s dominated by contracts with businesses and several middle-aged individuals in the community, so it’s hard to gauge if their limited social media presence translates directly to in-house transactions or new contracts. That said, 2014 was Land Shark’s most profitable year since it opened in 2007. Coincidence?

How do you plan on utilizing your major post-graduation?

  • I plan to use my education to manage innovating online marketing campaigns for Hollywood films. I would love to work in-house at a studio like Disney or Warner Brothers. I’m also exploring graduate program options in integrated marketing communications.

Are you involved in any organization on campus?

  • I am not currently involved in any on-campus organizations. When I lived on campus, I was a member of Hall Council in Minton & Bates-Runner Halls. I also spent just under two years as a columnist for the College Heights Herald student publication.

What is your favorite thing about being a Hilltopper?

  • My favorite thing about being a Hilltopper is Big Red! I love attending football and men’s basketball games, and it’s an added plus that all the events are free!

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